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Class of 2019 Spotlight - Nicole Shannon

Class of 2019 Spotlight - Nicole Shannon

WINCHESTER, Va. - We continue our look at the Class of 2019 by meeting volleyball standout Nicole Shannon.


Biology and Chemistry 

Sport Played: 


Why did you choose Shenandoah? 

The Winchester area is what initially attracted me to Shenandoah, but once I toured I knew I wanted to come here because the home-like feel and small size. Being able to play volleyball was just icing on the cake. 

Favorite Class and Professor: 

Favorite professors were Dr. Zimmermann and Dr. Davis, but basically any science class was my favorite. 

What do you like most about playing sports at SU? 

I like meeting new teammates and getting close with them each year. 

Favorite thing to do in Winchester: 

I like to ride my bike and go fishing around Winchester. 

Favorite SU Athletics Memory: 

My favorite SU athletic memory was during D3 week when the whole team left our morning practice to collect eggs around campus. 

What has playing athletics at SU meant to you? 

Playing at SU has given me a chance to play the sport I love one more time as well as connect with people I otherwise wouldn't have. The lifelong friends will leave a longer impression than the sport ever did. 

Post-Graduate Plans: 

I plan to attend PA school at basically any university that accepts me. 

Nobody knows that I... 

happily blow through money with the intentions of making good memories with good friends. 

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