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Greetings From France: Day Four

Junior Abbie Marquette recaps the women's soccer team's fourth day in France
Junior Abbie Marquette recaps the women's soccer team's fourth day in France

PARIS - This morning (Wednesday) we were finally able to sleep in a little bit before heading to breakfast.

We had a very busy day ahead of us so the extra rest was appreciated.

As we got on the bus to start the day, with a driver who was in a better mood and zero accidents, Spaz (Alison Spaziani) was hoping to find her purse that she had left on the bus the night before. Luckily, the bus company found it or else she would of been staying in France.

We went to Versailles for the day where we had an amazing lunch at a restaurant in the town. After lunch, we headed to The Palace of Versailles.

Coach Pike called the palace the "best place in the entire world" and said, "I don't know how the players who win the Super Bowl say I am going to go to Disney World instead of the Palace of Versailles."

Inside the golden gates to the palace was an entire town to explore with statues, paintings, and gardens. It was pretty breathtaking.

After the palace tour, we headed to our first friendly match.

On the way there some players, most notably Emily Yergin, were catching the flies that I didn't catch yesterday.

Our friendly was against Créteil and we were trying to match the US vs Thailand score from the night before but finished with a 7-0 victory.

To celebrate, we had dinner in one of the pubs in Créteil near our match.

You could say that the ride back from the bar was an interesting experience because our assistant coach Des (Des Lawless) didn't make it on the same metro as the rest of the team.

We waited for him at the first transfer, and when he finally caught up to us, we all caused a scene by breaking out in applause.

We are heading to the Eiffel Tower early tomorrow so it's safe to say that we came back from dinner early and fell asleep quickly. 

-Abbie Marquette