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Greetings From France: Day Three

Rising Senior Emily Yergin recaps the third day of the women's soccer team's time in France.
Rising Senior Emily Yergin recaps the third day of the women's soccer team's time in France.

PARIS - We started the third day with a bang, literally.

After breakfast, we headed out to our bus where we greeted with an angry French man because it was supposed to be his day off but he had to come in to drive us. He was not pleased, to say the least.

As he was reversing, he slammed into the back wall and the sound of that woke us all right up.

Following that little incident and an hour-long bus ride, we arrived for our third and final training session. There was a twist to this session as we were able to work with Alain Bornard, a famous French coach.

He led this practice a little differently than Pike. During warm-ups he told us to slow down and even when we would run off for water, he would tell us to walk. It was a big shock to us as we are used to fast-paced practices and constantly told to speed things up.

At the end of practice, we presented him with our SU banner as a thank you. As I did, he reached for my hand for a handshake but then pulled me in close for a kiss on each cheek. This was another big culture shock for me because in the States I'm used to a simple handshake or even a high five.

We traveled back to our hotel, with no additional bus accidents, where we ate a three-course lunch. The entree was fish and let's just say a majority of our team, including Coach Pike, aren't huge fans of seafood so I was able to eat a couple extra plates!

On a related note, some of our rising sophomore: Olivia Churchman, Maiya Pencile, Taylor Morris, Traveia Morris, AJ (Anna Jacobson), and others have probably eaten half of the bread in Paris because every time I turn around they're reaching for another piece.

Following lunch, we had some time to shower and get all decked out in our red, white, and blue for the USWNT game. With a fresh look and a new bus driver, we headed two hours away to a city called Reims.

When we got there, some people enjoyed the architecture while others enjoyed a glass of wine. We are here for the full cultural experience!

At about 7 p.m., we made our way into the stadium and waited in extremely long lines for a t-shirt with the style you wanted most likely sold out by the time you got there. The final score of the game was 13-0 and at halftime, Thailand should've joined us in the stands and ate a hotdog because the US put on a scoring clinic in the second half.

During the two-hour bus ride we had some sleeping beauties including Abbie Marquette, who could have caught some flies during her snooze.

After a long day everyone was definitely happy to be laying in bed and sleeping because we have another exciting day tomorrow highlighted by our first match.

-Emily Yergin

*Editor's Note

Dear fans who have been anxiously awaiting to read the day three blog post:

The communications staff is currently out-of-state at our annual convention and experienced some technical difficulties that prevented us from posting this compelling account of the squad's third day in France. Please accept our most sincere apologies.