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Greetings From France: Day Two

Junior Abbie Marquette recaps the women's soccer team's second day in France.
Junior Abbie Marquette recaps the women's soccer team's second day in France.

PARIS - Our second day overseas was incredible! We started off the day by heading down to breakfast at the hotel which included some really good croissants (chocolate and regular). We then walked to the soccer field for our second training session. After the training session, we came back quickly to change and then headed to the Latin Quarter where we had some time to explore the area and check out some of the tourist sites.

While exploring, we found a crêpe place close to the Notre Dame that was amazing! The crêpes were made right in front of us some of the fillings that we had were chocolate, Nutella, and Nutella with banana. We also took pictures at the Pont Alex Alexandre III Bridge which is a famous place to take pictures and is in the movie, "Midnight in Paris".

In the afternoon we went on a city of Paris tour where there were plenty of selfie and photo opportunities. On our walking tour, we saw a lot of churches, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower.

While at the Eiffel Tower we broke into the dance, 'Bikers Shuffle'. The people around watching us thought we were good because they gave us a round of applause and another group of dancers next to us wanted to do a dance battle. Kelsi Ross got down and did the worm and they countered with some of their own moves but we won the battle!

We ended the day on a Seine River cruise where we saw many of the attractions we saw from the water which was pretty neat. There were a lot of tourists on the boat with us.

When we got back to the hotel we were able to rest a little before dinner. After dinner we all went to bed after a jam-packed day to get some rest and get ready to all the other activities planned for tomorrow.

-Abbie Marquette '21