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Class of 2019 Spotlight - Shannen de Leon

Class of 2019 Spotlight - Shannen de Leon

WINCHESTER, Va. - We return to our Class of 2019 Spotlights with women's soccer standout Shannen de Leon.

Major(s): Business Administration-Healthcare Management

Sport(s) Played: : Women's Soccer

Why did you choose Shenandoah? : I ultimately always pictured myself attending a big university, but upon going on my visit/overnight at SU I thought it was perfect for me. I loved that the class sizes are small, how the professors have a close and personal relationship with all their students and how supportive they are of athletics. It's also not too far from home so my mom would able to come to all of my games.

Favorite Class and Professor: : Sport Consumer Behavior and Ethics in Sport with Dr. Wigley. His classes were always so engaging and he truly cares about his students.

What do you like most about playing sports at SU? : My teammates, former and current, are my favorite part about playing sports at SU. I have built life-long friendships with people that I know will always have my back.

Favorite thing to do in Winchester: : Go to Marg Monday at El Rancho and go hiking.

Favorite SU Athletics Memory: : This past season we were really working on our corner kick plays because we struggled in that department. During our game against Mary Wash, Spaz (Alison Spaziani) was taking the corner kick and I connected with it and headed it into the top left corner. Of course Pike announced to everyone after that there was no way I meant to do that. *eyeroll* Like...Can a girl just get a "good job" and a high five??? On a serious note, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to visit Haiti (twice) alongside some of my teammates and a few members of the women's lacrosse team. It was an unforgettable experience.

What has playing athletics at SU meant to you? : I am so very thankful for my athletic experience at SU. We all know that not everyone comes out of the women's soccer program alive (lol), but I appreciate Pike for mentoring me the past 4 years and making me cry every day--thus making me stronger. Her program is very tough, but very rewarding. I grew as not only an athlete, but as a person.

Post-Graduate Plans: : I am moving to San Diego, California.

Nobody knows that I... : have two different sized thumbs-- my left one is smaller than my right.

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