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LacrosseRoads - No. 10

LacrosseRoads - No. 10

By Liz Bereit '15

WINCHESTER, Va. – Sophomore Liz Bereit is back with another edition of 'LacrosseRoads'. This week, she recaps two more big wins and sets the scene for the remainder of the regular season.

This week was another big week for us, in which we added two more ODAC games to the win column.  This clinched us a spot in the conference tournament!  Needless to say, we are so excited for what is to come.  It's hard to believe that there's only three regular season games left - this season is going so fast!

Last Saturday, we beat Sweet Briar College 11-5.  We had a little difficulty adjusting to the heat at first, as it's been such a cold and snowy season until recently.  However, we didn't let it bother us and we came away with another convincing victory!  That just goes to show how important mental toughness is, which is something that Coach stresses all the time.

Ed. Note: Liz is being modest, but on Monday she was named as the ODAC Player of the Week. She is the first SU lacrosse player to earn this honor.

On the bus ride home, we watched Baby Mama, which is another one of our team's favorite movies, although of course it doesn't even compare with Pitch Perfect.  For those of you that aren't familiar with the plot of Baby Mama, it is a comedy in which Amy Poehler's character is a surrogate for Tina Fey's character.  The birthing class scenes (which are by far the funniest), prompted interesting and insightful conversations about pregnancy with Coach… none of us are ever having children.

Ed. Note: Coach Lindsey Lutz is the mother of a daughter, Elyse Catherine, who will celebrate her first birthday this coming summer.

We were back in action Wednesday against Randolph, who we beat 19-2 under the lights.  Lineups were switched around again a lot that game, but everyone still played extremely well!  Once again, ten women finished the day with points, and Elizabeth Paras scored her first collegiate goal with ten seconds left to play!  Congratulations, LP!

(Backup goalie) Bonnie Giovannetti has also really stepped up, playing the second half of both games this past week and making a combined four saves on seven shots.  I can't say enough about our defense, only allowing seven goals total this past week!  Our entire team just keeps getting better and it's so exciting to be a part of this success!

As I mentioned before, beating Randolph sealed our playoff spot in the conference tournament, which begins April 24th.  Still standing in our way between now and then, however, is Guilford, Randolph-Macon, and Virginia Wesleyan.  We host Guilford on Saturday, and it promises to be a great game.  We are currently tied with them at the top of the ODAC standings.  Plus, to make it an even more exciting day, it is our Senior Day game!  We can't wait to honor Amy, Coco, and Sydney (Amy Rollins, Corrinne Kosmowski and Sydney Anderson) and make it as memorable a day as possible.  Please come out and support!

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