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LacrosseRoads - No. 9

LacrosseRoads - No. 9

By Liz Bereit '15

WINCHESTER, Va. – Sophomore Liz Bereit is in her first year of giving us an inside look at the SU women's lacrosse program and this week, she recounts two more ODAC wins and a day to give back.

Last Saturday, we rebounded from our loss to McDaniel with a dominating win against Hollins, beating them 22-2.  It was a sunny, warm day, the first one of those we'd had in a while and what a great day for some lacrosse!  That game was an opportunity for everyone to be heavily involved, and not necessarily in the usual ways.  This game was different from all the others in that the lineups were changed significantly throughout the game.  For example, a couple defenders got moved to midfield for a few plays, while an attacker or two got switched onto defense. 

We relish the chance to step outside our comfort zones a little bit, because it makes us all better.  And we recognize that if we want to continue our quest of a championship, we have got to continually get better!  Everyone had a successful day, and ten different people had at least one goal or assist in the game, including freshman Sarah Hankins, who scored her first collegiate goal.  Congratulations!  

We also used this game to work on fine-tuning our sets against a true opponent, rather than against ourselves at practice, which is always beneficial.  We definitely finished up our week right (although perhaps a little sunburned – ahem, Evie Gaffney).

We had off Sunday for Easter, and many people took advantage of the occasion to go home.  For everyone that stayed, however, Ashley Cross and her parents cooked a meal.  I was one of the ones lucky enough to get home for the day, but I hear that the food was delicious and that it was a really fun time!  I would have been shocked to hear anything else – we're big on food, and whenever there's food, you can bet on us being happy campers.

Monday we got back to work, including resuming our lifting schedule.  As I said before, we are dedicated to doing everything within our power to win games!  We've been working so hard.  We had a couple big practice days, and then it was time to play again!

This time, we had Washington and Lee.  Everyone stepped up and truly played an amazing game, which allowed us to earn yet another big conference win!  I am so proud of all of my teammates!  Attack played their sharpest game of the season and the defense was a brick wall, especially in the last two minutes to secure the victory.  We have now beaten all three teams picked ahead of us in the preseason poll and we have improved to 5-0 in the ODAC.  We just need to keep it rolling!

Ed. Note: The win, along with the 11 goals scored, also secured free wings for all in attendance at the game. Liz and a couple of her teammates proved once again they were all about food and used the wing coupons right after the game…

Thursday was Shenandoah University's Partnership the Community Day, which means that classes were canceled for the day and students were encouraged to engage in some kind of community service.  Many classes provide opportunities and athletic teams are assigned projects as well.  Our team had the privilege of going downtown to the Discovery Museum to lend a hand.  The Museum is usually open seven days a week, but was closed Thursday for a big spring cleaning, among other things.  We cleaned the place from top to bottom, moved a couple pieces of furniture around, and sanded down wooden edges so that the little kiddies won't get splinters!  This was an enjoyable way to help out, because while we were working, we were not only allowed but also encouraged to play with things we encountered, and we had a good time together!

I'd say it was another successful week in the life of an SU women's lacrosse player.  There's only a few weeks of the season left, so we've got to make them count!  :)

Until next time, GO HORNETS!

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