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LacrosseRoads - No. 8

LacrosseRoads - No. 8

By Liz Bereit '15

WINCHESTER, Va. – Sophomore Liz Bereit is in her first year of bringing us an inside look at the women's lacrosse team and this week, she recounts another outstanding victory by her squad along with possibly the saddest snowman (woman?) ever constructed.

Last Sunday, we hosted Roanoke in another important ODAC game, and we came away with another amazing win by beating the Maroons 14-11!  It was once again a cold and windy day, but the snow held off until after the game ended and we were thankful for that, particularly because it was such a nail biter!  We were very composed, withstanding several Roanoke runs, before sealing the victory off of a goal by Rookie (Samantha Sisson) that broke a 10-10 tie and gave us the lead for good. Three Amy Rollins goals gave us a little cushion down the stretch.

This win pushed our win streak to five games, and also put us once again into the top twenty conversation.  In reality, breaking into the top twenty doesn't mean much of anything, but it's still nice to get some recognition, especially as a team!

We had another tailgate after the Roanoke game as well, and I'm going to take this opportunity to give a shout out to alumni that were in attendance!  Alexis Landau '12, Paola Aguilar '11, Kaitlin (Sommer) Fleishmann '11 and Jennie Ott '11 all game back to the game and joined us at the tailgate. It's always great to see old teammates, and even if some younger members of the team don't know them personally, it's still so awesome to have their support!

While the snow did hold off until Sunday night, we ended up getting enough of it to cancel classes on Monday and to push back our McDaniel game one day to Wednesday.  We didn't have practice Monday, but Coach tried to get the team to come out for a snowball fight in the afternoon on the football practice field.  Only a few people showed up on such short notice, but those of us that did go made a snowman, and then had a (very lazy) snowball fight.  The snowman, or snowwoman to be more accurate, was probably the worst I've ever seen.  First of all, her base was a square.  

Ed. Note. Huh?

Second, she was covered in mud because it stuck to the snowballs when we rolled them.  Since she was square, Evie Gaffney thought it would be funny to sit on her "lap" because it looked like a seat, but when she sat down the whole side broke off and Evie fell to the ground.   Since she was already covered in snow, that's when we all started to throw snowballs at each other… In a completely unrelated note, that that is when Coach decided it was time for her to get out of there.  (Fortunately for us, a couple of lobbed snowballs in her direction did not hit their mark as she walked away.) 

Ed. Note: I only hope the excuse for missing Coach Lutz with the snowballs was that they threw them with their hands and not their sticks.

Before we knew it, it was game day again!  Wednesday was a busy day for us, because we had lunch with a recruit and then a team dinner in the café before we headed up to the stadium for our first night game of the season! 

Unfortunately, McDaniel was too much for us and we lost that game.  They were fast and efficient and they made us pay.  However, like every game, there were lessons to be learned and the loss will only make us better!  We are moving on and focusing on our next game, which is Saturday in an ODAC matchup against Hollins.  We can't wait!

Happy Easter and Go Hornets!

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