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LacrosseRoads - No. 5

LacrosseRoads - No. 5

By Liz Bereit '15

WINCHESTER, Va. - Sophomore Liz Bereit has been giving us an inside look at the women's lacrosse team this spring, and with the team in the midst of a 10-day break, Liz brings us a look at an unusual week in the life of the squad.

This has been a very unusual yet eventful week for us!

We had both Saturday and Sunday of last weekend off, which never happens when we're in season!  That was a very nice break, which some people took advantage of to squeeze in a trip home while others used to catch up on sleep and homework. 

There was plenty to work on, considering midterms were this week.  The good news is - and I know you all were wondering - everyone survived.

Monday we were back at work, but we had a relatively short practice on the field so that we could move down to Aikens to watch film.  Tuesday was another weird day, because we had practice without Coach Lutz, due to her being sick.  Coach Becca (Watkins) ran practice instead, but the team stepped up as well and we still had a solid practice and a productive day.

Ed. Note: Lindsey had a virus, which made her contagious for two days. She stayed away from the squad but will be on the sideline tomorrow for the Hornets game at Washington (Md.).

Tuesday we also found out that our program had received top twenty consideration!  This is the first time ever for Shenandoah University Women's Lacrosse, so we are very excited about and proud of this recognition.

On Tuesday, it was a beautiful day and some of us were just wearing shirts and shorts to practice in, which was very misleading about what was to follow.  As I'm sure you all know, that night we got some heavy snow, which canceled classes (and practice) the next day.  That gave us another day to sleep in, or do homework, or maybe to even relax and play in the snow!

Thursday's practice was moved indoors because the field was still covered with snow, even though it had already started to melt.  We did a few drills and then started talking about our upcoming game versus Washington College, which is Saturday. 

To end practice, our goalie, Ashley Cross, convinced Coach to let us do a relay, which is all Ashley ever wants to do!  Everybody was in a really good mood on Thursday, so everyone was extra excited to finally do a relay.  

The relay consisted of two teams starting at opposite sides of the gym, and one person at a time from each team running a lap.  My team had one less person than the other team, so someone had to go twice.  When we were deciding who would have to go twice, one of our freshmen, Evie Gaffney, said, "We should do 'nose goes' to see who has to do it!"  I told her that since she said that, she had to go twice.  It was very funny, mostly because she listened to me – she's a great sport. 

After practice, we went over our spring break schedule, since we will be staying in good old Winchester!  We have a lot of fun team events planned, along with three big games, so I will have lots to update you on next week!

Until then, Go Hornets!

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