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LacrosseRoads - No. 2

LacrosseRoads - No. 2

By Liz Bereit '15

WINCHESTER, Va. - Our newest blogger, sophomore Liz Bereit, brings us her second "LacrosseRoads" entry.

Last Saturday, we hosted a clinic for high school girls who are interested in playing college lacrosse.  The purpose of the clinic was to expose them to drills and concepts that they might not have seen before, and that we use regularly here at SU. 

In the morning, after the girls checked in and got a quick campus tour, we focused on skills like stick work and body positioning until taking a break for lunch.

The afternoon brought an opportunity to put those morning concepts into practice in competitive games.  One of my favorite drills that we taught the campers is a situation in which there are two teams with ten balls set at one end of the field.  The offensive team has to get all of the balls into a 10x10-yard box on the other end of the field by completing passes up the field.  The other team has the option to defend in any manner they wish.

After all ten balls are successfully entered into the box, the teams switch roles.  The drill is timed and the winner is determined by whichever team can get all 10 balls into the box in the quickest time.

I liked this drill because the SU girls helping coach the clinic got to jump in for this drill, which was entertaining since we had an opportunity to play with new people.  It was a successful and fun day for everyone involved, and we hope to do it again!

We used the same approach ourselves in practice this week, as we have our first contest of the season this Saturday at a tournament at Marymount.  We have been doing a lot of competitions and scrimmaging to help us prepare for this weekend.  We definitely have our work cut out for us due to injuries and other commitments that will make our bench shorter than usual for the tournament.  We still have high expectations, and anxiously await the opportunity to play against new opponents.

Ed. Note: As Liz was completing this blog entry Thursday afternoon (with her feet up on my office couch and looking like she didn't have a care in the world) she mentioned that was seriously stressed about this weekend. Somehow, I think they will be fine. ;)

Four of us have a very different type of project to focus on as well; juniors Ashley Cross and Erin Oliver, along with sophomore Juli Carbone and I, have been selected to travel abroad this summer to play against international competition through an organization called American International Sports Teams.  We will be joining other athletes from across the United States from June 21-July 1 to experience this unique traveling opportunity.  The Tour goes from Paris, France to Antwerp, Belgium and finally to Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the tournament.  The work that I referred to earlier is to raise money to cover the out-of-pocket costs of this trip, which is rather extensive.  We will be doing various fundraising and other activities to try to prepare for this exciting opportunity!

This year our team did something new for Valentine's Day.  Everyone had handmade envelopes taped to their lockers that the rest of the team could put little cards or notes into.  Not only that, but we all decided to get our partners a little gift or something extra.  We all exchanged our gifts after practice on Thursday – it felt like Christmas all over again!  …The snow the day before probably had something to do with that feeling as well. :)

It has been a great week and I can't wait to get started this weekend…

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