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Class of 2019 Spotlight - Emily Conrad

Class of 2019 Spotlight - Emily Conrad

WINCHESTER, Va. - We continue our look at the Class of 2019 by meeting women's golfer Emily Conrad.


Pre Physical Therapy and Exercise Science with minors Biology and Psychology 

Sport(s) Played: 

Women's Golf 

Why did you choose Shenandoah? 

I chose Shenandoah because it gave me the opportunity to play golf and focus on school while being a pre-admitted physical therapy student-athlete. 

Favorite Class and Professor: 

My favorite classes were the times I got to travel through the GEL programs to New Zealand, while studying sports management, and to Fiji, to study psychology. My favorite professors were my psychology professor Scott King and physics professor Darren Bly. 

What do you like most about playing sports at SU? 

I love spending time with my teammates on and off the course, they've become some of my closest friends and I can count on that staying true for a long time. 

Favorite thing to do in Winchester: 

I enjoy running down the walking mall when its nice out. 

Favorite SU Athletics Memory: 

That one time we got first in a tournament. 

What has playing athletics at SU meant to you? 

It has helped me grow as a person and build relationships with people I wouldn't have talked to if I wasn't a part of an athletics team at SU. Athletes in general have a special bond as a group and its nice being able to build friendships with those other athletes. Golf has also given me the opportunity to interact with other women's golfers from different schools. 

Post-Graduate Plans: 

I plan on becoming a Physical Therapist and have babies. 

Nobody knows that I... 

wrote all the numbers from 0-52,406 and keep those numbers in binder.

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