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Eagles Shoot Down Men's Tennis

The Hornets dropped a 9-0 decision to Bridgewater Wednesday.
The Hornets dropped a 9-0 decision to Bridgewater Wednesday.

WINCHESTER, Va. - Visiting Bridgewater College was strong from the top to the bottom of the lineup Wednesday in a 9-0 ODAC men's tennis victory over Shenandoah.

The Eagles (7-10, 5-5 ODAC) took a 3-0 lead after doubles before taking all six singles matches in straight sets over the Hornets (3-10, 1-8).


The Hornets closest two matches came at No. 1 doubles and No. 6 singles.

Darian Diaz and Bryan Harris fell 8-4 in that doubles match while Nick Powers took the second set of his No. 6 singles contest to an extra game before falling 6-3, 7-5.


Shenandoah takes to the road Friday for a 4 p.m. ODAC match at Randolph-Macon.


Bridgewater College 9, Shenandoah Hornets 0
Apr 24, 2019 at Winchester, Va. (Lowry Tennis Courts) 

Singles competition
1. Canon Secord (BCMT) def. Darian Diaz (SUM) 6-3, 6-0
2. Matthew Gordon (BCMT) def. Bryan Harris (SUM) 6-2, 6-1
3. Sonet Gandhi (BCMT) def. Kyler Apgar (SUM) 6-3, 6-3
4. Freddie Roberts (BCMT) def. Brenton Baugh (SUM) 6-0, 6-0
5. Nicholas Kiser (BCMT) def. Kyle Denning (SUM) 6-1, 6-2
6. Tyler Kolaskie (BCMT) def. Nick Powers (SUM) 6-3, 7-5
Doubles competition
1. Canon Secord/Matthew Gordon (BCMT) def. Darian Diaz/Bryan Harris (SUM) 8-4
2. Sonet Gandhi/Freddie Roberts (BCMT) def. Brenton Baugh/Kyler Apgar (SUM) 8-2
3. Nicholas Kiser/Robert Williard (BCMT) def. Kyle Denning/Nick Powers (SUM) 8-1
Match Notes
Bridgewater College 7-10, 5-5
Shenandoah Hornets 3-10, 1-8
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2,1); Singles (4,5,1,2,3,6)